TupiNymQuim is an organization of software engineer students in Brazil focused on developing projects for the Nym ecosystem.


Welcome to our privacy, security, and anti-surveillance manifesto! Our mission is to advocate for the development of privacy-centric solutions and applications within the Nym ecosystem, with a sharp focus on use cases specific to Brazil. We strive to galvanize engagement and curate informative content within the tech domain of Nym in Brazil, fostering an environment where the right to privacy and digital security is upheld. One of our key objectives is to connect students passionate about the internet, privacy, and security, creating a dynamic network for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Furthermore, we’re committed to bridging the information gap by crafting comprehensive Portuguese-language documentation and tutorials for Nym, empowering individuals to understand and implement privacy measures effectively. We recognize the importance of community engagement, and as such, we pledge to organize both online and offline events, including meetups and gatherings, dedicated to exploring and promoting privacy and security in the Brazilian context. Together, we advocate for a future where individuals can embrace the digital realm without compromising their fundamental right to privacy and security. Join us in this essential mission!

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